Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Love, sweet love...

Week 2 thoughts from Sara:

“The experience has been a great one from my end, I’ve enjoyed confronting the challenges of sending my love. I feel like I’ve already learned a lot about letting go of my hesitancies and gotten through some of my fears of so openly expressing my emotions. I’ve never considered myself shy or one to withhold my feelings, but this experience has really opened my eyes to how much I really do keep inside; it’s really surprised me!

Another surprise is that I’ve only heard from one person that I’ve sent to – it actually has me wondering if the others received their cards? I’m not doing this for recognition, but I did expect some type of acknowledgement that they received it…

The one person I heard from left me a voicemail saying that it made her “weepy” and was “exactly what I needed in a time when I needed it the most” – to hear that made my heart feel full and as soon as I received that voicemail I sat down and wrote two more cards. It was such a satisfying feeling knowing I brought joy to someone in their time of need.”

It is funny – I am seeing a pattern in us with this project.  When I sent out cards before this project started and didn’t hear back from someone I also wondered if they actually received my card.  There is a part of us that wants that love returned to us so badly, or at least acknowledgement that we sent our love.  Then little changes start to happen in our hearts and we become ok that we don’t hear back from people, but when we do – it is pure joy – it makes our hearts sing to know we really helped someone feel love just from a simple note we wrote them.
It is crazy how sending your love, expressing yourself with the knowing that you might not get the love back will change you at your core and all for the better.  It is kind of like doing an act of kindness in secret – they don’t have a chance to say thank you right then and there – doing thing like this will grow your heart with more love and kindness...and what the world needs now is love, sweet love.

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