How to:

It might be a little intimidating to think of this as a whole – don’t.  Think of it as one person at a time – what that one person means to you, what that one person has done to better you – your life, what you are grateful about that one person and so much more.
A few easy ways to start your cards:
I love you because….
I cherish our friendship because….
You inspire me to be a better person because….
I am thankful you are in my life because…
You are pure, perfect and whole – just as God made you.
You are an amazing mother…
Your smile lights up a room.

Who to send to:

Your family
Your friends
Your children's teachers
Church community

If you don't have addresses you can set them on the desks of your co-workers, hand them out to strangers, hang them on the doors of your neighbors, give them to your children’s teachers – really, the possibility of who we love is truly endless – and who we should tell.
If you are wondering what you can possibly say on a note to a stranger – tell them nomaste – the divine in me sees the divine in you, tell them they are a divine spark of God, tell them they are beautiful, tell them they are import in the world – tell them anything you would like to hear from a stranger.

Why Postcards?
Postcard postage is only $0.29.
The "white space" on a postcard to write is smaller and less intimidating the a whole blank card.